April 19, 2011

Crochet for Your Pets

A lot of people treat their pets like their children and many dress them up for either fun, function or fashion. Crocheting for your pet seemed like a good choice for P-day on the A-Z Blogging Challenge.

Crochet some fun things for your pet to play with

Ball of the Belle Dog Toy
Puppy Play Puffy
Fish Cat Toys
Sunshine's Cat Toy

Some functional as well as fashionable things to crochet for your pet

Dog Booties
Kitty Cuddles Felted Cat Bed
Urban Granny Dog Sweater
Rosie's Doggy Sweater
Raspberry Fool Dog Sweater
Doggy Vest With Bow Tie

I made this crochet candy corn for Boo last Halloween, but unfortunately I didn't write down the pattern as I went along.

Do you crochet cute things for your pets?

I'm taking the A-Z Blogging Challenge, where I will post something from each letter of the alphabet on the corresponding day in April, except for Sunday, on (hopefully) all four of my blogs. You can see my other blogs in the sidebar - More of Marie Anne.


Sharon Marie said...

Yep, I crochet for my canine babies. I even have a page of links on my blogs with patterns.

L.L. Woodard said...

Now I've got to admit I've never once considered crocheting for my pets. I love them dearly, but don't believe I'll be grabbing hook and yarn for them. The candy corn is cute.

Marsha S said...

cute! Haven't thought of crocheting for the pets...but our min pin loves to be under cover...and it would be cute to use yarn scraps even to make him a blanket.