May 24, 2011

Simple Woven Striped Baby Blanket - Free Pattern

Change of plans. Last week I posted about this cute ripple baby blanket pattern that I was going to try.  It gave me fits!  I know how to do the long DC and extra long DC, but counting to make sure I was in the correct stitch of the previous row(s) became a real chore and after a couple of attempts I decided it wasn't worth the effort.  If something is going to require that much concentration, it better be something with a lot more to it than a plain ol' ripple!

While flipping through the same book, another pattern caught my eye that used just the SC and ch stitch.  I had used that simple stitch for a scarf pattern I wrote up some time ago and decided to adapt both that and the pattern in this book to come up with my own for the woven look baby blanket (click for free pattern).

Woven Look Baby Blanket WIP

So far I'm loving how quickly this works up, but I probably won't say that when I have to weave in all those ends!  Yep, you change color after every row.

My 'baby' likes it so far

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sandy said...

like the woven look, very nice. Been trying to post to facebook for the z-a challenge, but haven't been able to sign in, it keeps giving me error messages that verification isn't working. Using hubby's computer since we're out of town and it only get's through part of the process to change my password. It wants me to tag pictures of people I don't know...I've kept up by scheduling the posts, but can't list them on facebook, perhaps you could leave a note for me. thanks

Deb said...

Thanks so much for letting me join you. I appreciate all of your advice and patterns!!!

Marsha S said...

oh my.....yesterday was so crazy...I was just looking through my blog and realized I never hooked up lol
Checking out the pattern you share on the woven look.

Sandy said...

Thanks for the thought on stripes, that's not part of the pattern so sadly going back a strip won't get me there. I've not looked at it since Chrisknits left some info, hoping that will help.

Sandy said...

left my current week wipw here as I didn't see one for this week?