June 1, 2011

That's a Wrap!

Whoops!  With Monday being a holiday, I forgot that today was Wednesday so I'm a bit late with this week's WIP post.  Sorry about that.

This week I frogged a ripple afghan I started a year or so ago and balled up the yarn to use for other projects.  I thought the raspberry would be a pretty color to make a wrap, so tried my hand at making a pattern for a simple one.  It's not finished yet and I may need a bit more yarn to complete it, but we'll see how it goes.  It will need to be just a few inches wider than it is now.

Once finished, I'll write up the pattern and publish it for free use, as always.

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Sandy said...

Me again, redoing. Love the color as a wrap.

Lenni said...

That's a lovely color! :D

Marsha S said...

frogged? meaning you ripped it out? LOL
I sure need more hours in my days to get things done!

Cheri said...

In an effort to be fair to all blog parties, I created a Linky Party button and page (over 10 hours and always tweaking), working on getting all buttons at the bottom of the main page and in this case, this blog is in my blog roll at the right side bar. But I just tweaked my Linky Party page to include a section on just Crochet/Knit parties and will see if this works without offending other parties. My Linky Party button gets so many more hits than one would think, even visitors who did not come in via a party blog post...see the button and click on it, then visiting host blogs. Trying to be fair without bogging down each post with tons of graphics. Hope this is acceptable. If not, I understand.

crazymotheringchick said...

That is a beautiful color. Now, when you frog something and reuse the yarn, how is it to work with? I recently frogged a pillow top and reused the yarn, but it was not good quality after frogging, so I had to use it as the pillow back. LOL Maybe that's because I tried blocking the pillow front that ultimately would not block?

Sandy said...

Making rounds today from Sandy's Space to everyone on the blog log. Hope you're having a good wkend.

Theresa Wiza said...

Beautiful color and pattern!