August 9, 2011

Baby Round Ripple Almost Done!

I'm coming down to the wire on the baby round ripple that I'm testing a pattern for.  It's still buckling quite a bit so I'm not convinced I didn't screw up somewhere, but it looks ok if I stretch and smooth it out. Perhaps it will do better after it's washed.

Looks great when I stretch and flatten it

Not so much 'as is'

I've done the next round of white and about three rounds of cornmeal/yellow since these photos were taken, so only about two rounds left to finish.

I think I'll still try again with a small swatch to see if I can pinpoint anything I may have done wrong, but I've already started over once so don't know if it will make any difference.  I do like the pattern, but this little quirk has given me the incentive to try making up my own round ripple pattern.

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terpgirl30 said...

That is gorgeous! I haven't seen work I've liked so much since my grandmother passed. She could work with the really fine cotton.

My stuff tends to sort of bunch a bit as I work but I think it's from turning it and holding it as I work. With the way you stretched it, it's looking good.

Marsha S said...

It looks pretty with the colors you chose.
I'm back after a week off. No crocheting, but a lot of quilting going on.

Mommy Tyme Gifts said...

Love it! I always get my ripples off "course" somehow (either skip a stitch or add a stitch or something goes askew). Do you use markers? Markers are such a pain and get all tangled up in my work, what is your favorite type and how do you use them?

Denise Kawaii said...

I really like this pattern! I haven't had time to crochet in several weeks... hopefully I'll be able to get back into it soon.