August 16, 2011

Yet Another Round Ripple Started

I finished the other test pattern for the baby round ripple and will post pics for that probably on Friday.  Today's WIP is another one I started in colors I had in my stash.  I wanted to use up some yarn I already had on hand, so grabbed light sage, aran, linen and country rose to see how that combination would look.

I decided to use a larger crochet hook for this second piece and I like it much better.  I think the original pattern called for an H hook and I was going to move up to the I, but I think it's tucked away in a bag with another project, so I grabbed the J hook.  The H hook made for a much closer-knit piece and to me quite heavy, almost rigid.  Crocheting with the J hook makes it much looser and more flexible, but I think the I hook would work just as nicely.

So far I think it's going to look ok.  Not sure the colors are suited for a baby, so maybe I'll work it up as a lapghan or for someone in a wheelchair.

I'm further along now - I have a second strip of the sage green and started on the next sequence of linen - and  I think it looks even better than this photo shows.

Keep an eye on this blog to see how this one turns out!

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Sharon Marie said...

Very pretty colors. I need to finish up a few things then I'm going to start on one for a Christmas present.

ElisabethAndrée said...

Oh, your round ripple is very well done!
Thanks for hosting!

Debi Y. said...

I think the colors are pretty together - looks very nice. :)

Sandy said...

Love the color combination. I used to use a J for almost everything, then got hooked on I. Now J feels too large in my hand. Funny how we're creatures of habit.

Marsha S said...

You are getting proficient in making these. They look very nice.

~Claire~ said...

Very nice work, yet again. Personally, I am a fan of non-traditional colours for baby, so this looks wonderful!

crazymotheringchick said...

This is pretty, pretty! I do love the colors. I've been planning one just like this, as my Christmas Afghan this year. Gonna get to it in a bit! LMHO