October 19, 2011

Changing Seasons

It's been cool and damp here the last few days in south/central Ohio, and I don't think I'm ready for winter.  I know Jethro isn't.

Yes, there's a Jack Russell Terrier hidden in that afghan. I don't know if there's more hair ON the blanket or under it.

I crocheted that blanket a number of years ago to cover the seat of the couch to try to save it from doggy damage (I was even able to match up the width of the stripes!), but you see what happens when you have a cold-blooded dog.

Haven't progressed much over last week since I'm still trying to get my office put together so I can move everything back there.  Still need to get someone out to install the carpet, and the window guy won't be back for probably another two weeks.  I need to get busy and finish the pocket scarf and finish (start?) a baby blanket.

What have you accomplished this week?

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Red said...

I'm in Ohio, too. Small world.

Marsha C said...

It's quite chilly here in Kansas too!
I had noticed your blog name change. Today I notice that you have your own URL....so I assume that if I were to buy my own domain others could still get to it from the marshasspot.blogspot.com?
I have a ton of stickers, business cards and postcard flyers with the blogspot url is why I am wondering.

~Claire~ said...

Ha! That pup reminds me of our departed cat- she would HOWL if I didn't let her get under the blankets with me at night. Looking forward to seeing your scarf finished up (I've put one on my list for DD for Xmas this year!) :)

Marsha C said...

I went ahead and put this wee's post in this linky from last week, I hope you don't mind.

ladydragonfly said...

Marie Anne, I have always been a fan of your crochet work and I love your blogs. I have given you an award and you can pick it up here.

Marsha C said...

Marie Anne---I hope things are well with you since you've not posted for some time!