November 15, 2011

Gingerbread Ragdolls

My friend Tammy is a real crafty lady and she shows it yet again with these adorable gingerbread ragdolls.

Tammy has blue plaid fabric on hand for the next batch, and will also have some in Christmas reds and greens stitched up just in time for your holiday decorating.  If you have a particular color in mind, she'll do her best to accommodate you with a custom order.

You can order these dolls from Tammy at a price of $14 each which includes the shipping cost for one doll.  If you order more, price with shipping will be adjusted accordingly.

She doesn't have a website or store yet, so order direct from Tammy at  I've already ordered a set of two gingerbread ragdolls that I want to display on a shelf or bookcase in my new office and can't wait to see them.  Of course I'll post pics when I have them displayed.

I can see these little bundles of country cuteness sitting on a shelf, bookcase or nestled against quilted pillow shams in a guest bedroom.  Isn't there someone on your Christmas list who would love to receive them?

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