November 16, 2011

Quilted Granny Pattern For My Bed

I've been wanting to crochet something for my own bed for quite some time now, but have always been busy with other projects and put my own on the back burner.  When going through my stash the other day to see what to start on next, certain colors jumped out at me that happened to match the bedding in my room, so it's time.

Single square shown with (wrinkled) sham

My comforter and quilt is a pretty pattern in olive and minty green, with mauve-y pink flowers, with a smattering of darker rose color, with a beige and taupe-like background.  The quilt, comforter and pillow shams are all made out of the same fabrics and colors, but in different variations.  

Two squares shown with sham
I've seen other afghans done with a few granny squares stitched together in the center, then a wide border around the whole thing, but I've never done a blanket like that.  I think I'll try going that route with this one, with squares like in the photo for the center, then perhaps a combination of the lighter colors for a wide strip around it.

I opted for a more solid granny square to start with, but I might go with the traditional granny design for the outside, making it a heavier piece in the middle (where it counts!).  I think the entire thing with solid squares would be way too heavy to work with.

I'm excited to get going on this project because I love the colors. I can't wait to see it finished and on my bed, but you can bet you'll be seeing more of this piece as I go along.

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Sharon Marie said...

Your afghan will be so pretty with those colors.

vikki said...

I think those colors go together very well. I think that afghan will very pretty..can't wait to see it finished up and on your bed!

Marsha C said...

Linky isn't open yet but I will be back!
Those colors are very pretty together.

Marie Anne said...

Whoops, forgot to change the time! The linky should be active now.

Marsha C said...

Sorry I didn't make it back in this last week. I did put today's on this linky.

Sandy said...

Lovely color combination and I like the varieation on the granny with the wider areas around it.