December 3, 2011

Knit One, Purl Two

Photo by missa88
As if I don't have enough going on that I can't keep up with, I decided to buy a pair of knitting needles yesterday.  Well, it's a circular needle so I guess it's not a pair. But I digress.

I know how to knit and in fact learned that first as a child before learning to crochet, but haven't done anything in a very long time.  I know the basic knit and purl, and can probably handle a cable without too much trouble, but beyond that I'm in new territory.  I love my crochet dishcloths and have several knit ones that I had received from a former SIL as gifts, so thought I'd try to whip out a few with my new knitting needles.

Do you have a favorite simple knit cloth?  I'm looking up patterns now but if you've got one that's tried and true, you might save me a lot of trouble.

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Gardener said...

I've known how to knit for a long time, but usually prefer crochet. However, I have also recently been bitten by the dishcloth knitting bug.

I"m really enjoying making the picture cloths, and I've done these two in the past couple of weeks:

I also made this one a while ago:

I'm currently working on the Grandma's favorite. Its good for tv watching or conversing with others, since no counting is required.

This is the one I am thinking of trying next. It looks like it it's knit flat and I'd be interested to see how it gets to be round and ruffled.

I like that the dishcloths are really pretty basic knitting, (since I need practice), but still present a bit of variety. There are many free patterns to choose from so it should be easy to find something that appeals to you.