December 28, 2011

Writer's Block?

I've got plenty of yarn and all sorts of crochet hooks and knitting needles, but I don't know what to make next.

I guess you would call it knitter's or crocheter's block.

I did go through my spare bedroom/craft room yesterday and tidied up quite a bit and sorted through some stash so I have a better idea of what I have in there.  I also pulled out several projects that were finished and just needed ends tied in and did get one of those done too.  I'll probably rip out one or two UFOs because I have no idea what size crochet hook I used, or what particular pattern stitch it was, so I guess I'll end up with more stash from that mess.

I did make a small dent in my cotton yarn stash by making some dishcloths in random colors.  Where I didn't have enough to make a whole cloth, I did the basic diagonal garter stitch cloth in two colors, divided in the middle.  I had some balls that were just under the ounce needed to do a full dishcloth, so I put a stripe in the middle to stretch the main color.  Not the prettiest things, but they'll work.  I'll put pics up of those later.

So what's everyone else working on this week?

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Red said...

Hello there! I get crocheter's block every now and then. It's quite frustrating. I start so many projects only to rip them out or set them aside. I don't know how they end - they just do and then I find myself crochting away!

I would like to see the dishcloths. I love using different colors in the ones I make.

Marsha C said...

Mostly my mind is in a boggle as I have so many projects I want to be working on. At the same time I also need to be getting the house cleaned up and organized again (including my craft room)
I'm sitting here crocheting washcloths to use up the last of my cotton yarn (until I buy more)...but I don't really want to buy more until I get some of my other yarn stash used up!

Sandy said...

Rounding from Sandy's Space to say belated Happy New Year. Are you still in a crochet funk?