February 21, 2012

Baby Blanket Done and Listed on Etsy

I posted last week about the baby blanket that was almost done and I finally finished and got pictures and listed on Etsy.  Even though I wasn't too keen on the color choices, it grew on me as I kept going and I think it turned out ok after all.

More photos on Etsy

It's a good sized blanket, measuring 35" square, a good size for a toddler to drag around.

I've already got more than one project in the works (don't we all?), so check back later for WIP Wednesday!

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Martie said...

Very pretty! I have sorely neglected my blog. I need to put a reminder in my phone to at least up date it with my current WIP (just have to decide which one each time. lol) so I can make it a point to do so.