February 21, 2012

Couple of Giveaways

Who doesn't love free yarn?  Red Heart is giving away $80 worth of their With Love yarn this month, so make sure to get in on that.  You even get to pick your favorite colors if you win!

Molly & Jethro are helping me give away $25 to the winner's favorite pet shelter or rescue group.

Get a chance to help your favorite animal charity with one click, plus see what silliness Molly & Jethro are up to daily.


Sandy said...

Popped in for WIP, lol, thought I was slow since it's almost noon, but you're even behind me, lol. Free yarn...hum, that always gets my attention.

Sandy said...

Just tested your instructions, was able to right click and open this in a new window, did it a 2nd time and was able to open it in a new tab. Both methods keep my blog opened...helpful, thank you. Still though this takes more time it seems then the way it works on my personal blog...puzzling