March 6, 2012

Hooking Up With an Old Friend

I finally got the craft room completely emptied to get the carpet put down in there, and I'm determined to clean out my junk stash before putting anything back in.  While sorting, I've come across projects I'd forgotten about - some I'll frog (take apart .. rip it, rip it), and some I might consider trying to finish.

One such project I came across was this scrap afghan that I started several years ago that looks like stained glass.  It's a great way to use up small scraps of yarn, but I got tired of it.  I didn't want to rip this one out because each row of yarn wouldn't amount to much to be re-used, and it would be such a waste to chuck the whole thing in the trash, so I'm going to resurrect and try to breathe new life into it.

I'm not sure I'm using the right sized crochet hook that I started with, but I've done a few inches since I picked it up the other day and it doesn't look too wonky, so I guess it'll work out.  If it ends up a bit lopsided, oh well ... it'll still be warm, as well as bright and cheery.

Here's the original pattern for the stained glass afghan, which Dot calls "Scrumptuous Scraps Afghan".

What do you do with all of your scraps of yarn?


amazey said...

I try to keep all my scrap yarn together in bags by weight. Then when I have enough I tie them together, put them into balls and crochet a blanket. I only keep scrap yarn that is at least 1 yard or more so that I am not spending all day tying together.

Sandy said...

Popped in WIPW...looks like I beat you again. Dang, we have a hard time connecting. Curious, did you ever figure out to get rid of the read more thing, or have you decided to keep it that way? I've read interesting things about it, considered doing it a while back on my blogs. Some say it helps your page rank cause people are on your page longer, and they are clicking. Other's say it hurts your page rank, as it annoys people and they don't read the post, they otherwise would. I must confess...think I fall into the 2nd category which is why I ended up not doing it. But, that was awhile back, so am always open to learning new things. I know you do blog for money, I used to and tired of it, took the fun out of it....but, have been away from it and have thought of returning.

Sandy said...

Keep forgetting to ask you this, hope over to Sandy's Space and find yourself on the blog log. Any idea why it lists you as no blog post in 2 months? I've always relied on my list to see who's updated, so I know whom to visit etc. No clue why your's isn't coming through, hoping you do. You can see others seem to be ok???