March 16, 2012

Gorgeous Afghan Up for Grabs


I finished this colorful afghan quite a while ago and it's been sitting in my closet going to waste.  I absolutely love the colors, but I'm not pleased with how the edges turned out, so I'm reluctant to list it on Etsy for sale.

Since it's doing no good to anyone by sitting in my closet, I decided I'd offer it to my friends for whatever someone is willing to pay for it, plus shipping. Packaged weight is just under 4lbs so will cost between $7 and $16 to ship, depending on your location.

It measures approximately 57" x 77" and as you can see by this picture, it covers the top of a queen sized bed.  It would probably fit nicely on a full sized bed with just a little drape on the sides, or of course you can use it as a large throw to drape over your sofa.

This afghan can be machine washed and dried, and has been washed and rinsed with eco-friendly fabric softener so is ready for use.

If you're interested, leave a comment with your offer or send email if you'd rather make your offer privately. Highest offer today (March 16) takes it.  I won't be insulted by any offer, so toss something out there and maybe you'll get lucky.  I'd just like to be able to recoup some of the cost of the yarn and see it be used rather than taking up space in my craft room.

Shutting this down ... congrats to Emily Henderson, the lucky new owner of this afghan!


Donna Thacker said...

Those colors are gorgeous! As a crocheter I know how much time and money goes into an afghan. Sure wish I could afford to offer you what it is worth! Good luck.

Amy Brantley said...

I agree with, Donna. It's gorgeous, but I wouldn't be able to offer what I know it's worth. Will share this though and hope you get a good offer :)

Lisa Mason said...

I'll start this bidding off at $10. I know someone out there makes me want to go higher! :p

Lisa Mason said...

cheaters with their private bids. :p Keep us updated. Is it higher yet (before I place another bid)?

Marie Anne said...

Emily Henderson is the lucky new owner!

Sandy said...

Too late popping in, was going to ask you to donate it to Project Welcome Home. I was going to use coming to get it, driving down as an excuse for us to get together for lunch or something. Congrats though to Emily the new owner...cheater that she was bidding privately, lol.

Checking back in, looking again this am at my blog roll is says your blog was updated 2 months ago. This is really bugging me. Can't figure out why it doesn't show your new updates. Could there be some setting here with your new blog template making that happen?

Sandy said...

A thought? Wonder if it has to do with you changing the name of your blog? On my bloglog you're still listed as Everyday Crochet? So, I deleted you from the blog log, and re-added, using your new blog name.........didn't change it? Must be something wrong with your RSS feed?

Another thing I've noticed new, the info links you're using even show up in our blog comments? When I used info links that never happened. They only appeared in the body of the blog. I quit using it, never made any money with it. was quite a while ago. Have you gotten anything from using it? Could that somehow be adversely effecting your feed? I'm also wondering if this is hurting your blog visits? If others have you in their blog log and don't visit cause it looks like you've not posted anything new, that will hurt your page rank and adsense etc.?