April 19, 2012

More Pet Blankets

Another blanket for a furry friend!

A friend of mine adopted an abandoned dog a few months back and he's quickly assimilated himself into the family, including wanting a comfy blanket to curl up in.  Apparently he's been 'stealing' one of the kids' blankets, so Buddy's Mom decided to get him one of his own.

She said he seems to favor purple (yep, he fits right in with that family), so purple it is.

I didn't want to do stripes throughout, yet just the bright purple seemed a bit much, so I decided to do a few stripes on either end, just to break it up a bit.  I've got a way to go yet, but it should work up quickly once I pick up more yarn.  I hope Buddy will like his dog blanket!


Lyn Lomasi said...

Looks awesome so far! Buddy will love it. :)

homeschooljewelrymom said...

Just joined your blog today. Love your pet blankets; it's so sweet you think of our furry friends.

Sandy said...

I'm always taken back when people make hand made items for their furry friends...when I was a kid and we had a dog....you know back in the dark ages. Dogs were outside animals, slept in dog houses on the old blankets and towels....the first way families recycled their goods. Times are surely different now. One of my co-workers constantly complains about not getting a good nights sleep because she's cramped in bed, on the edge...afraid she's going to fall off. Why? Cause they have a way to big dog taking up all the space. Funny priorities. Kids sleep in their own pets, don't understand why people don't follow that practice with their furry friends. lol Though, sometimes I don't think it's funny...she's too tired to do her fair share of the work which then makes me work harder, and given I'm 20 years older, it sometimes makes me grumpy. I wanna tell her to put the dam dog elsewhere. Deep breathe and sigh....feeling better now.

Hey did you ever figure out whats wrong with your feed? I guess feed is the right word. You know when you look at your blog on my blog log and it says last updated 2 months ago? It's been that way for several months now. At one point I deleted it and re-added you to see if that would make a difference, but it didn't. But, all the others on the list are fine, so it seems like it must be a setting of some sort here? You're so much more techy then me, hoping you might have an idea.

~Claire~ said...

That's a great way to break up the colour without doing stripes throughout!!

Yarn Bazaar said...

gorgeous pet blankets,