April 28, 2012

More Etsy Listings = More Sales?

I crochet items to list on Etsy here and there, but haven't been very consistent.  I'll often start a project, then decide I like something else better, which means I end up with several things going at one time, in various stages of completion (and I KNOW I'm not alone there).  I've sold a number of dishcloths, but I want BIGGER sales.

Some of the dishcloths I make to sell in my Etsy shop

In order to get more out of Etsy, I went looking at other crochet listings to see what sells well.  When I see an item that catches my eye, I'll usually click to see what else that crafter is selling, and also what they've already sold.  Why not learn from those who are already successful?

Here's one of the first things I realized, and what will hopefully become a series of helpful tips for Etsy sellers.

Do you sell on Etsy?  If so, do you have any tips to share with other crafters?

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Anonymous said...

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