May 11, 2012

Etsy Contest - Vote for My Dishcloths!

My vibrantly colored dishcloths are featured in today's Etsy Contest!

Items of similar value are pitted against each other and readers vote for which item they like the best.  Scroll through the items in the Etsy Contest until you get to my neon knitted dishcloths and click to give them a vote!

Here's what you're looking for

Don't click the photo here .. click one of the links above to vote.  Look there to see how you can get an item from your Etsy shop featured too!

Oops!  Just found a link that will take you directly to my dishcloths to vote.  Silly me, I wish I had known that earlier this morning.

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Anonymous said...

Finally found your dishcloths. So many nice items.
Linda B

Lana Bandoim said...

Voted! Looks like you are in the lead.

Amanda Dollak said...

I voted. They are beautiful!

Chuck Livermore said...

I voted for your dishcloths. They really were the best, I thought. I think they are very nice looking.