May 15, 2012

Cotton Natural Striping Yarn Project

I've used variegated yarns off and on, but have never tried any of the striping yarn, at least not in the cotton for dishcloths.  I told myself I wasn't buying any more cotton yarn until I used up some of what I had at the house, but I wanted to get more listed on Etsy in a variety of colors, so figured two little balls of something different wouldn't hurt.

This Sandstone Stripes by Peaches & Creme won and I couldn't wait to try it.  The orange-y color isn't quite pumpkin or tangerine, but mixed with the warm mocha and  beige, it reminds me of a sweet potato in the produce section.  Very earthy tones, and the orange isn't too bright so will still look nice in a kitchen or bathroom done in natural colors.

Dishcloths made with striping yarn - Sandstone Stripes

I got two done yesterday and finished the third this morning using my favorite dishcloth pattern and the Etsy listing is up.  I might buy more to see how the stripes look with knitting, perhaps with this knit dishcloth pattern.  I think this color will be a hit, and I wish I could get it on the larger cone rather than the small balls that are more expensive.

Here's what it looks like in the ball.

Sandstone Stripes

Have you made anything with striping yarn?  Were you pleased with the results?


Sandy said...

I received some washcloths made with above, I think in one of my donations. If not the same, it sure was close and very pretty. This morning I noticed I had no dates by my blog log for when people updated, perhaps that came about with some of the changes blogger makes? Any way, checked my settings and was able to add it again with fingers crossed that the silly date for your blog would be resolved. Nope. No clue, just thought I'd let you know it's on going. I used to use Infolinks, sorta forgot I had it. Think I had to keep disabling it when I did a sponsored post for Blogsversery. Totally forgot I had it. Do you make any $$ from it?

Also wondered about the yahoo contributors network. How often do you write for them, do you like it, hows the pay? Looking for something to supplement my adsense, so was curious.

Love your cloths, good luck with your sales on Esty. Rounding today from Sandy's Space.

Tamara McRill said...

Those are pretty Marie Anne!

Glory Lennon said...

For the first time I used some variegated cotton yarn to make a few wash clothes and a matching bath rug and I did like the look. Perhaps it was the shell stitch that I used, but I didn't see a definite striping effect. Is striping yarn different than what I use?--blue/white Peaches&cream in a large cone is what I bought.

Sandy said...

Super duper long day at work, just now checking..........yippee says you updated 2 days ago!!!! Awesome, how did you do it?

Holly Louise said...

I've used striping yarn on a couple of potholders - turned out really great! I love any veregated yarn, it's a little more interesting in crochet with I think!

Katie B said...

Very pretty!

Amy Brantley said...

You've won a Kreativ Blogger Award

DaCraftyLady said...

I have used this yarn to make several starfish display cloths and they have turned out really great....yes I do like this yarn... yours are pretty~~Debb

Red said...

I used this yarn just yesterday. I did a basic sc stitch and added bright orange stripes and border. It came out really pretty. I think it's a great kitchen color! Good luck on Etsy with your sales!