September 24, 2012

New Baby Blanket Patterns in the Works

I fell in love with Baby's First yarn (Lion Brand) the other day, and was itching to find the perfect crochet pattern to work something up with it.  I came up with one of my own, and figured it would be easy enough to come up with another two simple baby blanket patterns, in hopes of creating a three-pattern set for an eBook, specifically for Baby's First yarn.  I usually list my easy patterns for free, but thought I might try something a little different this time and see if I could actually make a buck or two selling them.

All three patterns (provided I figure them out!) will be using Baby's First, a very soft and chunky yarn that works up quickly with a large crochet hook.  I'll be appealing to those who want a weekend project for an upcoming baby shower gift that needs to be completed in a jiffy.

Here's a sneak peek of the first pattern that I just snapped with my cell phone, so not the best quality or color. This swatch was done in Lion Brand Baby's First yarn in Beanstalk.  I really do love this stuff.

Have you ever created your own crochet patterns?  If so, do you offer them free on your blog, or sell them on Etsy or Ravelry?  After finishing the patterns, I'll have to get good photos, name the individual patterns and the eBook compilation, layout the patterns in an attractive, yet easy to follow manner, and decide on a price.  I can't help but wonder if it will be worth the effort, but I think I'll give it a shot anyway.

Stay tuned!

~  Marie Anne


Sandy said...

Visiting all Bridge and Beyond Donors...the season is upon us, asking all to gear up with their yarn to help those in need. Visits and comments to the blog have been down which hurts our placement. So, also asking everyone to visit, leave a comment, let us know you're there, and that you're with us.

No help on the selling pattern thing, I think only the "designers" the published one do well on Rav with the real intricate patterns from what I've seen. Heard prices were generally cheaper on ESTY?

Holly Louise said...

looks great!!