October 26, 2012

Shell Afghan in Yellow WIP

Here's another crochet project I'm working on, a pretty yellow hue done in a shell pattern that will be used to cover a bed.  I think it looks nice so far, and hoping it's what the recipient is looking for.

Shell pattern in a pretty yellow

(click photo to enlarge)

I've got orders to do several bed-sized afghans as well as a few baby blankets, so my fingers are going to be very busy for the next few months.  I might need to stock up on some muscle rub for my left elbow as it's feeling a little stiff already.  I'm still recovering from a major knee injury, and I sure don't need to add any occupational hazards from crocheting!

~ Marie Anne


Foxxy said...

It's looking very nice. I also like your pink camo blanket. I like to crochet also but usually I wait until winter to pick it up. But looking at yours makes me want to start crocheting. :)

Anonymous said...

Very pretty!

Sherry said...

I feel for you Marie Anne. Several months back the doctor ordered me NOT to crochet for 3 weeks due to carpal tunnel. That was unbearable. Now I am also currently dealing with a knee problem. I have several osteoarthritis and I fell twice in the last two months. Today I have wonderful doctor's appointment where he withdrew two syringes of fluid and also gave me a cortizone shot. Not really that fun...lol

Your pattern is lovely. It reminds me of a pattern I used years ago for my son who is now 26. It was used for his baby blanket!

Sherry said...

I meant to tell you that the blanket was the same color also...lol

Glory Lennon said...

Oh, this is so pretty!