October 30, 2012

Shell Baby Blanket in Greens and Browns, WIP

This shell pattern has been popular lately, and is the same pattern as the yellow blanket I posted the other day.  I have a custom order to crochet two baby blankets, one each for a boy and girl, that will grow with them into toddler-hood.

My customer didn't want a typical blue for the little boy's blanket, so we went with greens and brown. After working up various swatches, this is the color scheme she chose.

(Click photos to enlarge)

The pattern isn't quite reversible, but because the shells are somewhat puffy, it appears that way.  I've folded it so that you can see both sides, but next to each other. The photo above shows the darker colors on the left, while the photo below shows it reversed, with the lighter colors on the left.

I really like playing with colors for this pattern as you can get a completely different look depending on the order of colors used.  I still have the baby girl blanket to crochet in this shell pattern, and I've got several other combinations in mind as well.

Stay tuned, because I'll be posting them all!

~ Marie Anne

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