November 10, 2012

Black and White Shell Blanket WIP

After crocheting several baby blankets using the shell pattern in four colors, I decided to try one in just two colors -- black and white.  The effect is stunning!

(Click photos to enlarge)

I didn't realize that black and white was so popular, and think this almost reversible pattern would look great added to a black and white nursery theme, like those I've seen done in toile, or this one (click to see larger photos).

I've written up the pattern and it will be published soon.  I'll post it here on this blog as well as on my Facebook page, The Crooked Yarn, so stay tuned!

~ Marie Anne


Sharon GARDNER said...

It looks great! Hope you have a great Veterans Day.

Gardener said...

This is spectacular!

Sherry said...

Beautiful work! You are getting me in the mood to make a shell afghan. Keep out the good work!

sandy said...

Don't think I'd think of doing black and white for a wee one, but it is indeed striking. Very cool about your pattern being listed too. Congrats. I can see that in black and white (larger) in a modern living room...would be awesome.