November 9, 2012

Shell Blanket in Purples and Greens

I've been working on a custom order for an online friend who wanted two toddler sized blankets, and posted the other day that I had finished the one in greens and brown. I finished the second one last night and got it all listed on Etsy.

Here's the second one, done in two shades of purple, and two shades of green.

I love this shell pattern, but it is tedious since there's a color change every row, which also means that there's lots of ends to tie in, which I know everyone loves.

This pattern is almost reversible if you use two lighter colors and two darker colors (or just two colors -- light and dark), and I hope to get it written down soon to share with everyone.  I'm working on another now that I think is stunning, and have several other color combinations in mind as well.

See more photos of both blankets on the Etsy listing.

~ Marie Anne