March 25, 2013

Taming the Yarn Stash Monster

I know I'm not the only person to wield a crochet hook or knitting needle who has problems keeping my stash of yarn scraps straightened out, but I try to go through it every so often and attempt to make some semblance of order out of the chaos.  I did some of that yesterday, and hopefully will be completely finished today.

I've started many projects then put them aside to work on something else, and sometimes never get back to the original piece.  In the past I never kept any notes about things I was working on, and often the yarn used had been discontinued, or I don't know what size hook or what exact stitch I used, so it's useless to try to pick it back up again.  Here's a box with a bunch of partial skeins of yarn and several UFOs (unfinished objects) that I tackled yesterday.

This is a very big box so it doesn't look like there's much in there, but trust me, there was quite a bit.

I frogged and wound and frogged and wound until my arms were about to give out, and this is what I ended up with -- one bag of balls of yarn scraps, and a group of partial skeins sorta rolled up with a rubber band to keep them from getting tangled.

I still have two pieces to dismantle, but they can be neatly folded and put up until my  wrist and arm are more rested.

I need to finish going through the cubby where I have more yarn, but that's not in too much of a mess, so the rest should be pretty easy to sort and straighten out.  The bigger job will be to keep on top of it all and not let it reproduce.

How do you control your yarn stash?

~ Marie Anne


@tishushu said...

Control my yarn stash? That's possible? LOL

Caren Haug said...

Earlier this year, I went through and made some decisions --- if I hated working with the yarn, I didn't keep the leftovers. If there wasn't enough to get a good start on a different project, I parted with it. I sent a bag of yarn to the art teacher at my kids' school for crafts.

I am kicking myself for not buying two, but I picked up an ornament box that was perfect for storing my smaller yarns (Lily Sugar cottons).

Vikki Hooks said...

I have tons of leftover balls, you know just enough not to throw out. I donate them to the sr citizen center in my town. As for the WIPS I try to label. I don't usually have too many WIPS as it drives me crazy and nothing gets done. I am a thready so I think it makes it easier to stash..

Mindy said...

Wow! You did a lot of work! Good for you!

My yarn stash is currently organized in containers like old comforter bags and Rubbermaid bins by categories of cottons, baby yarns, headband/neckwarmer yarns, specialty yarns, etc. Unfortunately it's not very easy to see it all at once. Hubby is talking about making me a GORGEOUS built-in shelf that will fix that problem! We have almost no storage at our house, so anything we can do to multitask decoration and function/storage is fantastic in my book. I can't wait to show off his finished product. (Though it might be a while--there are other priority projects first!)

All those extra balls of random yarn make me a little jealous! I'm off to a great start on Ugly Blanket #3 using lots of leftover bits like that. ;-)

Have a great week!

Sharon GARDNER said...

I just shut the door on my out of control stash.

Glory Lennon said...

Control my yarn stash??? You mean like suppress it, tame it? Where's the fun in that? LOL :D