February 20, 2014

Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Ended - And the Winner is ...

The contest for the $5 amazon gift card has ended, and the winner has been chosen.  Congratulations to Shawn Lealos for being chosen as the winner of the gift card!

Since this blog is craft stuff and mostly crochet, I don't have much of a male following here, so I think it's great that Shawn was the token male who entered and he was chosen as the winner.

The winner of the amazon.com gift card was chosen at random by rafflecopter from everyone that left a comment on the blog post, whether they were the closest to guessing the correct number of granny squares in the stacks pictured or not.  Since the contest was about guessing the number of squares, I've decided to give another $5 prize to the person who came closest, and that person is Kathleen Colegrove, who guessed that the stack contained 40 granny squares.

Even she wasn't very close, though.  I had made 54 granny squares up to the point where I started the contest, and that's how many were pictured in the photo.  Since then, I've crocheted several dozen more, and I've lost count!

There were a total of 54 granny squares stacked here

Shawn and Kathleen, I'll be contacting you privately about where to send your prizes.

Thanks, everyone, for taking part in this fun contest! I'll definitely be doing more giveaways in the future.

~ Marie Anne

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