August 21, 2014

More of My Latest Afghan Crochet Project

I posted the other day that I was crocheting an afghan for my niece and shared a swatch that showed some of the colors that I intended to work with, and I've since started the actual afghan  and have completed a full round of all colors I'll be using.  I'm anxious to see how it plays out as I add more rounds of color.

My version of "Leaping Stripes"
©Marie Anne St. Jean

I really like how this pattern looks and while it's very easy to do, it's a little more time consuming having to poke around and hunt for the stitches two rows below.  By working over the previous row of stitches, it also makes it a thicker, more stiff blanket, so I think if I do this pattern again, I'll use a larger hook and see if that makes it a bit softer and less rigid.  If you want a crochet project that resembles a woven blanket more than a lacy throw, this pattern has that covered.

The link to the pattern can be found in my original post.

I chose to make this afghan with four rows of each of five colors, with two rows of Aran between them.  I've also done swatches with just two rows of all colors and I like that look too, and that would be a great way to use up scrap yarn from your stash.

I'm also working on a baby blanket in Petal Pink, and that one will be listed for sale on Etsy, since I don't know anyone who is expecting a baby girl.  I need to get to work on one for the baby boy that my great-niece is expecting this fall.

What's on your hook?

~ Marie Anne