August 25, 2014

Anything But Drab: New Links for Hat and Scarf

Anything But Drab Hat and Scarf
©Marie Anne St. Jean
I'm still in the process of moving my free crochet patterns from YCN to Examiner, and this morning I've moved the patterns for a matching hat and scarf that I call Anything But Drab.  If you had the old ones bookmarked, please take a minute to go to the new links and save those instead.  I've already made changes on Ravelry, and have updated my free crochet patterns page here on this blog as well.

Anything But Drab Hat

Anything But Drab Scarf

These two are really easy, and worked a little differently than other hat and scarf patterns you might have tried.

The hat is worked in a rectangle and the two sides are stitched together and then gathered at the top, so if you have trouble working in the round, this might be your answer.

The scarf is worked lengthwise, which makes it work up a lot more quickly than when you have to turn the piece after just a few stitches in each row.  You could easily do both pieces in a weekend and they make a great gift or charity project.

~ Marie Anne

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