July 16, 2016

Free Crochet Pattern Update

Times they are a changing ...

I used to list my simple crochet patterns for free, first on Associated Content/Yahoo Contributor Network, then when that site shut down a couple of years ago, I transferred them to Examiner.  Well that venue is gone now too, so I need a new plan to make my crochet patterns available to everyone.

I got paid a few pennies here and there when people clicked through to those sites to read my patterns, and while it wasn't a lot of money, I did rely on that small income each month.  I'll need to replace that income, so will be offering my patterns for sale on Craftsy and Etsy to make up the difference.

I wish I could still offer them for free, but the patterns will be grouped so that you will get more than one pattern, and they will be in a clean .pdf form with NO annoying ads, so I hope that will make it worth it to buyers.  Examiner was crazy with the popups and soft porn ads that drove people away, and trying to print a legible paper copy of a pattern was difficult with the ads everywhere.  The patterns in a .pdf file will be much easier for everyone to read without an advertisement smack in the middle of it, and buyers will be able to print a clean copy to save.

A couple of the really simple patterns that don't pair up with another will be offered free on this blog. I'll make a separate blog post about the pattern, and list it on the 'free patterns' page for easy access also.

I hope to get at least one set of patterns put together and listed today, so watch for another post with that announcement!

~ Marie Anne

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