September 27, 2016

"Almost Lost" Knit Dishcloth Variation Results

I posted yesterday about the cool looking round knit dishcloth pattern I found, but didn't have the right size needles for.  The pattern calls for size 8 knitting needles, but I worked one up using size 5, since that's all I could find.  That first cloth was just a little tighter than I would have liked, but I knew that I wouldn't be happy with using the size 8 as I thought it would be too loose for my liking.

Well as it turns out, I looked at the needles again and what I used yesterday was actually a mismatched set - a size 4 and a size 5!  I found my size 6 needles and thought that would give me the tension that I was looking for but probably wouldn't be as big as I'd like, so I modified the pattern a little, adding two stitches and then another whole point, giving me 15 points instead of the 14 that the original pattern worked up to be.

The result was a knit dishcloth that measures just shy of 9" from point to point, where my smaller one was only 7" across.  Here's a side-by-side photo of them both on a dinner plate for size reference.  The larger one is curled up just a little because it followed the lip on the plate, but is fine on a flat surface.

Honestly, either size would work ok for me, so I think I'll either use my size 6 knitting needles, or splurge on a size 7 and go with the original pattern.

No matter what size needles are used, the "Almost Lost" pattern turns out a nice cloth that can be used as either washcloth or dishcloth.

~ Marie Anne

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