March 5, 2012

Pin Your Etsy Items on Pinterest

Pin It

Etsy item pinned with price shown
Did you know you could pin your items for sale onto Pinterest?   If you have an Etsy shop or sell products elsewhere, you can pin them to your board and tag that they're for sale just by putting the dollar amount somewhere in the description of the pin.

That's it - just precede the price number with the $ (or British pound sign) and it will automatically tag it with that dollar amount so people know that you're selling that item.  This could be a very lucrative way to get your items out there in front of more people.

Pinterest isn't just about self-promotion, so make sure you're pinning other things you find on the internet, and repin things you see on the home page of Pinterest or that your friends have pinned on their own boards.  Make it a true bookmarking tool of things you love, and don't abuse it just to try to make a buck.

If you're not on Pinterest yet, leave a comment with your email address and I can send you an invitation.  If you try to sign up at the site, you'll be put on a waiting list. A direct invitation will get you in immediately.

Caution: Pinterest is addictive and full of shiny things.

P.S.  If you like this post, you can click the red 'Pin It' icon at the top to pin it to one of your boards on Pinterest.  Click to learn how to add your own 'Pin It' button to your blog posts.


  1. I haven't tried this feature yet, but it looks fantastic to the consumer in me!

    Pinterest is like falling down the rabbit hole--only no one is screaming, "Off with her head!" And there's no 'poison,' but you *do* get lost and see strange and wonderful things.

  2. Marie Anne, I really love this idea especially since so many items on Etsy are visual and therefore would work really well on Pinterest. Great idea!

  3. I pinned one of my quilts just to see about it. I plan to pin well as my blog posts and my squidoo lenses. I am pinning other things along the way too.. I don't have much pinned yet.
    I'm going to go check out that tutorial and see if I can learn anything.