October 25, 2012

Pretty in Pink Camo Crochet

Since I've got several crochet projects going at once, I figured I'd better capture some of it for posterity before things get away from me.  I'm working on 2-3 items for custom orders for friends, and also a baby blanket pattern or two with different color ideas that I've come up with on my own.

This pink camouflaged baby blanket is for an online friend's daughter who just had a baby girl.  She saw an afghan in my Etsy shop the other day that was regular green, black, and brown camo, and said she'd like something in pink camo.  She left it up to me as to the design, but wanted something a little bigger than normal baby-sized blanket so it would grow with the baby into toddler-hood.

Here's what it looked like after a few rows:

(click photos to enlarge)

And here is a full skein of yarn worked up:

I really like how this is turning out and am excited to get it finished.  It's an easy, mindless crochet pattern yet turns out very pretty, so I can see myself making more like this or similar to add to my shop on Etsy.

~ Marie Anne


Julie Richards said...

That is absolutely beautiful!!! I knew you would amaze us again and you did! Thank you!

Martie said...

Beautiful! Love the pink camo. :)

Barbara said...

Marie Anne-
The afghan is beautiful. Would you share the name of the yarn that you are using?
Thanks so much.