January 21, 2014

New Pattern for Smaller Doily

I've made several doilies from the Star Center Doily pattern and I love it, but it's not always suitable because of it's large size. At 18", it's great for a centerpiece on a dining table, but it wouldn't work well on a small end table.  I loved the look, so decided to try making some adjustments and write up a pattern for a smaller version.

It took a little bit of figuring, but I think it turned out ok.  I made a few changes in the middle of the pattern to get the adjusted size to come out right, and I changed the last few rows and picot border a bit too.

Here's a photo of the original Star Center Doily in the 18" size that I worked up in ecru:

And here's my own pattern that I made up in a much smaller 13" size:

I think my smaller version turned out ok, don't you?  I need to go back and write up the pattern and make another one from my instructions to make sure it's written out properly, and then get it published.  Keep an eye on this blog for the free pattern soon!

Who knew that a month or so ago I wouldn't have even attempted making a doily at all?

~ Marie Anne


Amy said...

Well done!

Amy said...

Well done!

Debbie said...

I think I like the smaller one better! You seem to have gotten 'hooked' on these dolies and they are all beautiful!!!!