March 18, 2014

New Project - Baby Socks With Crochet Edging

I'm always trying to think of new things to crochet, and since I've been working with thread so much, I  wanted to  make something else besides doilies.  I suck at trying to crochet clothes, but thought it would be neat to try doing lacy edgings on things, so I thought baby socks with a cute trim would be something easy to try for a first project.

As luck would have it, I had a tough time finding plain white baby socks when I was in town the other day. Walmart had ONE pair of plain white socks so I grabbed them, but even these aren't the type I really wanted.  They're fairly thick, and the cuff rolls down twice, which made it interesting.

I did a simple border of pink and yellow for my first attempt at crocheting a trim on baby socks, and I think they came out ok, except for the border being so low because of the way they're folded.  I'm going to have to try to find a source for toddler and baby thin cotton socks that only fold down once.

My first baby socks with a crocheted edging

I plan on crocheting pastel and bright colored borders on the socks, thinking they'll be cute with Easter dresses and summer sundresses when sandals aren't appropriate.  I'll probably send this pair to my granddaughter to try out for me.  I hope they fit!

This border was a real simple one, but I ordered a book the other day that's just crochet borders and edgings, so I'll get more creative as I do more of them - again, if I can find socks!

Have you ever crocheted edgings on items already made?

~ Marie Anne


OwlsEyeViewMagazine said...

Hi Marie,
You know, those trims might look kindof cute on adult ankle sock, just peeking up out of sneakers. Little touch to make ordinary socks unique. Love your blog! You have some nice ideas!

Kyla Matton Osborne said...

I have to agree about putting the edgings on an adult sock. It would look really cute!