September 26, 2016

Newest Knit Dishcloth/Washcloth, Almost Lost

I was poking around on Pinterest last night and saw this neat knit dishcloth that looked easy, and thought I'd give it a try.  I normally don't like to knit as much as I do crochet, but I really like the feel of certain knitted dishcloths as they're more pliable than crochet, in my opinion.  I like the old standard diagonal cloth because I think it has more 'give' than a straight stitch, but this one, called "Almost Lost", is more of a circle, so the stitches aren't straight back and forth either, which is what piqued my interest. She actually labels it as a washcloth, but I will use mine as a dishcloth, and honestly, I find that the two are pretty much interchangeable.

The pattern calls for a size 8 knitting needle , which I didn't have (or couldn't find), so I started off with a size 9, and thought that was way too big and the stitches extremely loose.  The next closest size I could find a matching pair of was size 5, so I grabbed those next.  I actually did like the slightly tighter weave I got with the size 5 needles, but of course it came out much smaller than I anticipated.  I think I might move up to a size 6 needle and see if I can adapt the pattern to make it larger.

The pattern itself was pretty quick to work up, as long as I didn't lose my place.  It's the first time I ever knitted in this fashion, where you knit part of a row, then turn and knit back the way you just came, leaving the remainder of the stitches from the previous row on the needle without knitting them on that row.  It's not a hard concept to grasp at all, just have to make sure you finish the row before setting it down or you might get confused and think you're in the middle of a row rather than the beginning.  Sounds confusing, but it's explained pretty clearly in the pattern instructions.

So here's my first attempt at the "Almost Lost" knit washcloth.  I also think that variegated yarns look prettier in most knit  patterns than they do crochet, so that was a plus since I don't think I had a full ball of a solid cotton yarn in my stash.

My first attempt at the "Almost Lost" knit dishcloth

I'll definitely be making more of these knit dishcloths to list for sale in my Etsy shop.  They'll still take a little longer to knit than crochet, but I think this pattern will work up faster than the few other knitted dishcloth patterns I've tried, so I'm going to give it a go.

~ Marie Anne

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Mom said...

Beautiful knitting! :-)